Q. Do we take debit at the concession?

A. The concession and beverage garden are CASH only.  So please ensure you have plenty of cash before you arrive at the field.
Q. Can we pay for entry fee with visa or mastercard?

A. We checked into the costs of offering this service and did not want to transfer those costs over to the teams.  So instead we came up with the email money transfer as an alternative payment option.

Payment options are: cheque or email money transfer.
Q. If we have a player that is not quite 30 or 40 can they play with us?

A. If they are turning of age in the calendar year they are allowed, otherwise, the answer is no.  Maximum per team is two, except for the LADIES OVER 30 REC - ALL players are required to be OVER 30.
Q. Can we enter a men’s or women's premier team?

A. No. There are only two premier players allowed per team.

Q. How many players allowed on a roster?

A. Unlimited.
Q. Can I play on more than one team?

A. No

Q. How many subs are we allowed?

A. Unlimited.
Q. If my team is knocked out, can I go play with another team that is still in?

A. No

Q. If my team wants to pull out of the tournament, can we get our money back?

A. No, if teams have been turned away from that division.  If it is prior to the deadline and there is still room, there will be a handling charge of $35.00.  After the deadline, there is no refund.