Soccerfest 2019 Beer Garden Team Theme Dress Up Event

In past years, we have had several Ladies teams theme dress for fun in the beer garden on Saturday night. A crowd was always drawn in anticipation of who and how they would appear this year.

Well we are encouraging and challenging this years soccerfest teams to join in this year’s theme dress up event.

The Rules

The whole team does not have to participate. Just pick a theme and have at least 7 members join in the fun (the more the merrier). We ask, that if possible, have your team in costume in the beer garden at 5:00 on Saturday night. Around 6:15, the teams group will walk around the inner beer garden circle and the crowd will cheer on their favorite team, and if it is close tie, the DJ group will have the final say on the winner.

Oh the prize, will be 50% off your teams next years registration. Only one team can be the WINN